Wood is priced separately.  You can provide the wood or we have a selection for you to peruse under Prices/Wood in the top navigation.   
Base Prices:
Base Prices include:  Our high quality thin black field butt pad installed and shaped to the wood, the action glass bedded, and the wood sanded and oiled to an open pore level.  It is expected that you will continue oiling and sanding until the pores are filled and show the color and figure of the wood off at it's best.  The open pore level of finish will be useable but will be far from the appearance level the wood is worthy of.  You can read how to do it here:
An all pores filled "Heirloom quality" finish available.

Sporter stocks: $1155  

Sporter thumbhole stocks: $1320

Bench Rest, 10 meter, Field Target, etc.: $Call for quote.  

Above prices are based on fairly simple standard curves.  Additional curves add to cost.  For example a standard forearm with straight lines can be shaped on the belt sander, but a forearm with an undercurve, or stepped shape, can not be shaped so easily and takes more labor.  Figure one hour shop time per additional curve.

Most masters created for free with the donation of a factory wood stock as the starting point.  Some masters may incur so much labor I must charge.


NOTE: If I do not own the action your project is for, you will need to provide me with one to use.
Standard dimensions I design around:  (if you desire different let me know)
Back of wrist (pistol grip) to trigger: ~3 - 3 1/4"
Optic center to top of comb: 2"
Drop: Varies based on application and ability to fit it in the blank
Length of pull: based on customer request
Cast off: none
Angle of butt plate /length of pull cut: 90 degrees to the top of the forearm


Optional items: (all prices plus material cost as appropriate)

Heirloom quality.  All pores filled with a hand rubbed oil finish.  Approximately 50 coats of oil and at least 20 complete sandings.  It's a lot of work, and the results are stunning. It's what I expect you to do if you don't pay me to. $300

Add a white line (or other color or thin wood) spacer to the recoil pad:  $25


Grip Cap:
Add an exotic wood grip cap: $80 labor plus price of the wood.

Swivel Studs:
Install sling swivel studs: $40
Cheek piece cut out/riser installation: Priced based on the product's installation requirements but most will be on the order of two hours.
Adustable butt installation: Priced based on product.  Some take no more effort than installing the normal pad, some require a lot of work.  Figure a range from no additonal charge to a couple of hours.
Forend Rail:
Mill bottom of forearm for rail: $40
Personally I prefer not to have any stippling or checkering covering up real nice wood on my own guns, but in any case those features are added after finishing.  I specialize in reading wood, creating cool custom shapes, and carving.  Checkering is a whole other specialty that I would rather leave to a specialist.  Checkering specialists I recommend are listed here.
do carve stocks for firearms, but I do not have an FFL yet.  I did recently buy a shop and am pursuing the license, but the path there is long.  If you are local you can bring me your firearm action for me to do the final fit of the inletting and/or glass bedding, but I can't keep an action overnight.

Or you sell me your action and when the project is done I sell it back to you.  Or, many popular firearm actions are not particularly expensive.  In many cases even if I have to buy my own copy of the gun, which we can restock and sell, you'll still be ahead price wise from most of the other custom stock makers out there in the firearm world.

Project Time:
Labor time: it takes about two weeks to make the master.  Carving takes a few days but it's a week by the time it's ready for oil.  When I carve an expensive piece of wood I'll often carve a practice stock first, so that can add a week.  And then there's my real business, web development; those people pay the bills.  I guess maybe 6-8 weeks might be an average.  Sometimes faster, sometimes longer.  Recently I ended up nearly a year behind.  I don't expect that to happen any time soon again, but this is a cottage industry hobby business.  Your risk isn't that great, so don't be tripping if things run long.  That's why I do not take money up front (except for buying your wood).  Typically over the decade or so I've been doing this work the turn around has been in the order of a couple of months though.
Shop Rate:
For work not listed here, shop rate is $100/hour.
Stock Repairs
Billed at shop rate, typically 1-2 hours.  Will include open pore first level finish.  Laminate and hardwood stocks that are not stained we can refinish.  We do not refinish stained white wood stocks.

My preferred shipping in the United States is UPS, signature required.  Let us know if you desire different.  Shipping to other countries: so far USPS Express Mail has been significantly less expensive than UPS. 

How much does shipping cost?
Within the continental US the packaging plus shipping of a gunstock runs about $30-$40.  We bill you exactly what we pay for your package.  If shipping your action back as well, those heavier packages with appropriate amounts of insurance run up around $60-$70.  A gunstock shipped overseas via USPS Express runs around $75 + packaging.  Customs duties, broker fees and other taxes associated with shipments to countries outside of the United States are the responsibility of the purchaser.
UPS provides the first $100 for free, and $2/$100 additional.  My packages have always arrived safely.  It’s up to you about how much you want to spend on insurance.  UPS charges $2 for signature required if you don't want random thieves taking it off your porch.  Unless otherwise instructed, we ship signature required.
Sales Tax:
We do not collect any sales tax for orders shipped outside the state of California or to any country outside the U.S.  We are required to collect 8.0% sales tax for orders shipped to California addresses, unless the buyer is purchasing for resale and provides us with a current California resale license.
Prices listed are cash prices.  I take cash, checks, money orders and will consider trades.  I take credit cards through a merchant credit card processing service and Paypal.  Using either service add 3% processing fees.  Charges processed via credit card will show 'Wine Country Web Services' as the account name (that's my other gig).  Personal checks will wait to clear before shipping.
Payment Schedule:
Wood is pre-paid, work is post-paid.
Wood is prepaid before carving.  All labor is post-paid, payment due before work will be shipped.  Work unpaid after 30 days will be sold on the open market.  In some cases I might ask for a downpayment if your project requires some special tools that I have to purchase.
*Prices subject to change as I continue to refine processes.  
Returns are not accepted. 
Defects in wood you provide that make it unusable have no warranty.  Wood I provide is warranteed.  If defects in the wood are uncovered while carving that make the stock unuseable I will exchange that wood for a similarly priced piece.  Note: I carve a lot of highly figured wood.  Highly figured wood almost always has some bummers inside in the form of knots, small branches, drying cracks, or voids.  We epoxy fill those.  Since such wood is so rare, only the most exagerated of flaws would deem the piece unusable.
If I (horror of horrors) should make a mistake that causes the blank you have chosen to be unusable, I will replace it with one from my collection at equal or greater value.