How to glass bed scope rings

Higher power scopes may not have enough elevation adjustment for our loopy trajectory and require a 'drooper' mount.  A way to create a drooper mount is to glass bed the scope to the rings.  The bedding compound is thickened epoxy, and it must be prevented from sticking to the scope by wrapping it in plastic tape.


30 minute epoxy from the hardware store.

Sanding dust for thickener

Wax. I use Partall #2, but Carnauba car wax is fine for this application.

In addition you need sanding dust as a thickener.

isopropyl alchohol for cleanup of 30 minute epoxy.

Vinyl gloves

Plastic packaging tape

Razor blade

Scope prep:
Put a wrap of plastic tape around the scope.  If using rings that have fabric tape in them, remove tape.   Rough up inside surface of the lower mounts with sandpaper.  

Shim rear mount with multiple layers of masking tape cut into a little strip and placed in the middle of the mount (you want ring surface all around the tape for the glue).  Center elevation knob in it's range of travel.  

Mount scope snug but not super tight (don't want to pinch the tube since it's at an angle, which is the whole point of bedding and not just using the shim permanently) and shoot gun at the middle point of the trajectory, typically about 20 yards.  Adjust shim thickness until it shoots somewhat close.  Remove scope.

Wax the tape and the scope tube anywere near the tape where the glue might mush out, and the outside of the lower rings, and the screws.

Mix 30 minute epoxy.  

Add fine walnut sanding dust.  Add material until mix is thick enough to not sag.

Apply thickened epoxy to lower scope rings.  Place scope in epoxy and screw tops on snug but not super duper tight.  Any accidental epoxy finger touches can be washed with isopropyl, but if it's on a waxed area and where it bulges out of the rings I'd leave it and pick it off later.

Let cure.  Remove scope, tape, wipe off wax.  Heat excess epoxy that has bulged out of the rings under a heat lamp or with a heat gun for a minute to make it soft and slice it off with a razor blade.

Test shoot and if it's not right no big deal, just slice out the epoxy (heat it up to make it soft) and try again.  I usually do it a couple of times before I get it perfect on a narrow range of adjustment high power scope.